Do you need ongoing ACCOUNTABILITY to reach your goals
Ready to join a community who SUPPORTS YOUR healthy decisions
Battling challenges that aren't just physical but MENTAL and EMOTIONAL too?
Are you having a hard time being consistent with making positive change?? 
Then you are ready for Marci's Circle!
What exactly is Marci's Circle?

In a nutshell, being in Marci's Circle gives you continuous and unlimited access to your personal trainer Marci even when you are not currently enrolled in a challenge with Fun and Sustainable Fitness. 

The number 1 reason you want to be in Marci's Circle is to become that truly happy person who loves eating and moving well, gets help with problems, and enjoys the journey. 

When you ask a question, I go above and beyond to get you an in depth answer because I know you'll be around for a while. When you are around for a while I really get to know you.

When I really know you, I have more information on your journey and can give more specific answers. I reach out more often, and am more invested in your journey because YOU are too.

The sky is the limit with the information you receive and the application we'll incorporate into your life. 
There are plenty of Exclusive Perks for being in Marci's Circle!
The biggest and most important benefit to Marci's Circle is weekly check ins for accountability. Each week we'll ask what your goal is (in addition to other questions) and define your progress over the last 7 days. As your trainers we're invested in helping you reach the goal you've set for yourself. Need help setting a realistic measurable goal? We can do that too. 
Next Exclusive Perk?
Special trainings: Tailored to the group needs Marci teaches live trainings on specific subjects to help you go deeper into your goals. You let us know what topics you'd like, submit some questions ahead of time and then we go all out! Check out the trainings you can to access right away!
Which Bread and Grains are the Best For You? 
How Much Protein do you Really Need and Sources you Should Eat.
Learn hot to Make Meal Prep Quick and Tasty with a Pressure Cooker. 
Learn the Tricks Behind Tailoring your Macros to YOU
Perk #1
Bread Spectrum Class - Have you ever heard of someone being “afraid of carbs”? It’s because they simply don’t understand which carbohydrates are harmful and which ones are necessary for growth.
This Private video training walks you through 20 different bread or flour based items and breaks them down according to least effective for health and most important. 
You’ll find yourself making the best bread choices easily and without spending so much time in the isles of the grocery store!
Perk #2
Protein Power Class - Are you wondering how much protein you need in order to thrive and reach your goals? Do you wonder if a plant based diet is the way for you to go?
We break it all down in this Protein Power class and it’s available at all times for you to refer back to. You’ll learn which protein sources are the best for you and how to function well by what you eat.
Perk #3
Instant Pot Class - Come and see what all of the Instant Pot hype is all about! We'll learn how to make 5 delicious recipes and you'll see how our cheesecake recipe made it into the Meal Plan Database. 

If you need help converting regular recipes to the instant pot, we can totally help you with that too! 

At the end of the day, Marci's Circle is all about helping you be successful in the kitchen no matter what! 
Perk #4
How to Customize Your Own Macros - Macros can be a game changer but did you know that it's not they way to go for everyone?
Come and learn what factors should be worked through BEFORE doing macros and learn how to customize your own numbers if you are ready to get started.
Marci has customized macros for many of her clients and she literally shares all of her secrets in this video. 
A Sneak Peek into Your Marci's Circle Dashboard
You'll also get access to the Meal Plan Database, the Foam Rolling Course, and Client Spotlights too!
Perk #5
Meal Plan Database

The MPD is an amazing resource the trainers have compiled. There are currently 112 different recipes you can access to improve your menu options at home and you'll get free access to any that we add in the future while you're a member.
They’re tasty, easy to make, don’t require crazy ingredients, and best of all the macros are all measured already.
When we add new recipes you get immediate access to those as well. Put the “What’s for dinner?” question to death!
Perk #6
Client Spotlights
One of the funnest parts of Marci's Circle is creating true friendships with other members who are on the same path as you. We share in our struggles and successes each and every week.  

You'll get to know them in a way that helps you recognize that you are not alone! We all deal with something and most of the time we need help working through it. 

Our Marci's Circle community will become your go-to place to feel important, validated, and excited to keep moving upward and onward!
Perk #7
Foam Rolling Course

Foam Rolling has been around for years but not many people know the importance of benefits of foam rolling regularly.

Learn how to care for your body with SMR (self myofascial release) through our 20 simple to follow videos. They’ll walk you through the do’s and don’ts as well as simplify each part of the body for you.

You’ll love how relaxing it can be after just one session. Start with just one body part or follow them through a 50 minute progression for an outstanding foam rolling session. 
See What Current Members Are Saying About Marci's Circle. 
I love Marci's Circle because it's like having Marci and her other awesome personal trainers in your back pocket! It helps keep me more accountable. The weekly emails have great information, ranging from self care to workout safety and more! The recipes are delicious, the workouts allow me to add variation to my routine, and the bonus information is always helpful!

Amanda F.
I love being apart of Marci's Circle. It just gives me that little extra. The workouts are always great and a nice change to my routine. And last but not least I love the message each one has. I'm not always in challenges but getting that email every Saturday is the boost I need each week to continue on with my journey.

Cortney B.
I always get a lot of good information/ education on various topics from Marci's Circle. For example one week Marci's Circle was all about shoulders and exercises specifically for shoulders. It was awesome because I've had two shoulder surgeries on my right shoulder. I love the recipes and special thoughts and messages in MC. The 5th Saturday of the month has a special surprise bonus!

Kathy C.
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The Physical Changes Speak For Themselves!
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You'll Also Get Special Gifts in the Mail!
In addition to the weekly content you receive, when there is a 5th Saturday in the month you have the opportunity to claim your 5th Saturday Bonus! 

Recently, everyone got special necklaces with a cute little saying and dumbbells. 

This is all just a perk for staying in the know and reading the content each week. It's a win-win!
Ready to Join the Circle?
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  •  You'll get access to an additional private FB group just for members of MC
  •  You get deeper discounts than everyone else and that includes services for my partners as well. 
  •  Once you are in, you're locked in at a discounted rate.
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  •  Become a part of the most loving and supportive group out there. 
FREE for 5 Days
Then $49.00 a month
if you choose to continue!
We will not spam, rent, or sell your information.
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